Why Event Planning Skills are Important

House of Events - event planningThere are many things in life that are very important to our self esteem and whether you actually know it or not there are actually plenty of characteristics that go along with owning an event planning business that may also be useful in real life as well. If you are not one of the professional event planners in the event planning industry then chances are that you don’t know about all the specifics that goes on within an event planner’s life and daily routine. However, there are many aspects of the event planning professional’s personality that could benefit someone in their life apart from their event planning duties. Indeed, event planning skills are very important and here are some areas where the daily routine of an event planner may coincide with that of a regular individual.

Organisation: many event planning professionals have some of the best organizational skills out of everyone in the business world and it seems as though their profession would even call for it. Just as an event planner has to stay organized in order to know which of their scheduled events is the next day and which is the next week, so too are there plenty of opportunities and room for improvement in many other people’s life when it comes to organization. In fact, organization is one area in which many people struggle throughout their life. An event planning professional is a highly organized person and it is an important quality to emulate!

People Skills: Many people may turn down the job of an event planner simply because they realize that it requires a great deal of people skills in order to succeed. However, the outgoing nature of someone who own an event planning business is very key to thriving in the industry in the first place. One needs to have the self-esteem in order to contact individuals about large events that need to be planned, and they also need the confidence with which to do their job. On the other hand there are plenty of individuals who go throughout life with very low self-esteem, a low profile of self-worth and self-image, but these are areas that an event planner actually excels at!

Discipline and Control: These two qualities are very important of anyone who owns and controls an event planning business. There are many different scenarios where an event planner may have to display their discipline and control, but these two characteristics of their personality should actually show through throughout their whole career. On the flip side, many non-event planners could take a lesson from the event planners in the industry simply because many people lack the discipline in order to get the things done that they need to have accomplished. Fostering that discipline within yourself, though, is one key to being a happier person altogether!

After everything is said and done, though, one can easily see where event planning skills are very crucial in everyday life for most people. Even though it’s unrealistic to think that most everyone should become an event planner just to be able to have these skills, as human beings we definitely should take a lesson from them!



Necessary Event Planning Accessories

keep calm hire house of eventsEvent planning takes a skilled person to be able to put together a large gathering for a whole group of people! Indeed, there are many issues associated with event planning that many people will simply crack under the pressure of having so many responsibilities that they can’t deal with anything! In these types of event planning situations it is important to keep a level-head throughout the entire thing, but there are also some very important accessories that one can have with them in order to make their lives a whole lot easier when event planning for their family, friends, or other group that they belong to.

Date Book and Scheduler

Not everyone can remember the dates of the events that they need to plan, so carrying with you a date book and scheduler is a very important lesson of event planning. There are also small electronic pocket organizers that might be great for this type of a job, but allowing your scheduler and date book to handle some of the event planning memorization for you is very important! Not having to remember when you scheduled what event is just one more task that will be outsourced and handled in a different way. Let’s face it: if you are running an event planning business then there is absolutely no way that you’ll be able to remember every engagement or event that you’ll ever have. A scheduling book is important so as to not having any event overlap and the key to having satisfied customers!

Cell Phone / Mobile and Method of Emergency Contact

Another very important event planning accessory that one should make sure that they carry with them at all times is either a cell phone / mobile number or some other way that their clients can get in touch with them at the push of a button or the dial-of-a-phone! If you don’t necessarily want to carry a cell phone with you then you are not required to do so, but having a beeper at the least is a great idea so that your clients will know that you’re not far away! Realizing that your customers may have questions about your services or their event is one of the main reasons why you should have that method of contact on you at all times. There even may be an emergency where you will be required to actually move the date of the event.

A Contact List

Just as it is very important for your clients to be able to get a hold of you at the exact time they are trying to buzz, call, or otherwise contact you, it is also probably very important for you to be able to get a hold of your clients for the same reason! Another reason that you should carry a contact list with you is so that you know all the responsibilities of everyone else for your event planning needs: the caterer and the building owner among other people that you should have a contact number for.

These are just some of the event planning accessories that you should take with you, however, there are many other important tasks of event planning that require your full attention just as these matters do also!


The Event Planning Checklist


House of Events - check-listIf you have ever been responsible for planning a very large event then most likely you already know most of the stressful feelings that come along with it. Indeed, there is much to be stressful about when event planning for several hundred people, but chances are that you probably already knew about the event a great deal of time before it was actually here. This is the case in many situations, though, as large events will usually be scheduled weeks, months, if not years ahead of the scheduled date. Depending on how large the scheduled event is then there should be ample time to have everything completed. But if you need a little bit of advice and help, one suggestion that many people use is to actually use an event planning checklist for all the things that need to be accomplished. Some of the things that should be on your event planning checklist that need to be done well in advance of the actual date of the event include:

Choosing the Theme: If you are creating this event from scratch then chances are that you will also need a theme. When it comes to event planning then choosing a theme should be the least of your worries although it is an issue that definitely does need to be thought about and given some consideration. This step should be done at least 12 months prior to the event, or immediately decided as soon as you knew the event has to be planned.

Looking at Event Sites: This step that should be on your event planning checklist should also be done as soon as you know about the event and many times this is at least 12 months in advance! But visiting multiple sites for the event is an important task on your list simply because you’ll need to make sure there is enough room for all the guests that are going to attend.

Obtaining Food and Drink Quotes: Whenever any large event is being planned the number one thing that should be on your event planning checklist right after the locations for the event are visited is the gathering of food and drink quotes from multiple caterers around the area. This step should also be done at the same time as the previous two.

Booking Entertainment: If the event that you are planning to have will host some form of entertainment then it may be up to you to choose the individual or group that is going to be the guest entertainer for the event. When event planning the most important thing you could do is to make sure that entertainers know that they have a scheduled date well in advance of the actual event so taking this step is also important as soon as you found out that you should plan the event!

Of course these are only some of the first steps that should be taken in order to make sure that everything within your event planning checklist is taken care of. From the food and entertainment to securing a location for the event, all of these things are very important when event planning!